Autologous fat grafting


As we get older our fat content in the face - particularly the mid-face and chin area - loses some volume, helping to draw the skin downwards.  This can make our cheeks look rather sunken and the whole face a little empty.  A similar appearance is evident if one loses a significant amount of weight.  To regain the appearance of youth again one can volumise the face by transplanting fat taken from different part of the body (typically the abdomen and thighs but we can utilise many other excess areas of body fat).  This can give you a healthier glow and restore and rejuvenate what added years have been taking away. Volume restoration for the face also adds more light to the face, which in turn can make the skin look more radiant. Adding fat back to the face can even begin to help the skin texture and tone through what is thought to be a stem-cell response that the skin undergoes over areas of transplanted fat. This phenomenon is only speculated and is not conclusive but can be evident towards a year following fat grafting.

balanced and comprehensive rejuvenation strategy

Fat grafting involves removing fat from one’s own abdomen or thighs to put into certain regions of the face that start to lose fat. Only tiny amounts of fat are removed so this should not be equated with liposuction. Using blunt cannulas (which are 1 mm hollow tubes with a blunt end and a small hole through which the fat comes out) the fat is injected as little droplets throughout the areas of facial hollowness. By using this microdroplet technique, grafted fat has a much higher blood supply so that survival is improved and the results are smoother given how small each individual fat parcel is. The minimally invasive procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and takes approximately 1.5 hours.  You are able to go home immediately afterwards. Frequently, fat grafting to the face is a part of a balanced and comprehensive rejuvenation strategy that may include blepharoplasty and/ or facelift.

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Face Fat Transfer Advantages
  • Fat Transfer is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed under local anaesthetic as opposed to general anaesthetic
  • It is a walk-in walk-out procedure, so no hospital stay is involved
  • Results are more natural-looking
  • Considerably less pain and no scarring
  • No lengthy time off work or away from daily activities
The Results of Fat transfer
You will notice the results immediately – your face will look fuller, healthier, more youthful and healthier.
Although specialised techniques keep it to a minimum, occasionally some bruises develop in the face.  Depending on these, you could return to work or social activities within a few days.  There is also the option of using camouflage cream.  The harvest sites generally settle within a week or two
How long will the result of fat grafting last?
Each patient reacts differently but our extensive experience as well as medical and industry experience has shown that results can last for many years. More information is available at a consultation.
complications associated with the procedure
You will need to take extra care with your face to allow it to fully respond to the fat transfer. Avoiding intense exercise and anything too strenuous for your body is advised
Fat grafting is minimally invasive and does not require any traditional facial incisions. As it is using your own fat cells, there is no risk of rejection or infection that is often associated with implants and invasive techniques.