Many of our patients fly in from all over the world.

Germany enjoys an excellent reputation for high quality healthcare. Here at the ATOS Clinic, our extensive experience in organizing treatment for patients traveling from outside of Germany ensure that your special needs and individual wishes will be well taken care of. We have earned our reputation for excellence by combining first-class medical science with top service and state-of-the-art equipment. As independent specialists, we are able to concentrate exclusively on specialised treatments and operations.

Our office is conviniently located in the central Munich area, approximately 30 minutes from the airport. Our office staff speaks english fluently.

Effnerstr. 38 . D-81925 MÜNCHEN
Phone +49 89 / 20 4000 205

Lufthansa Corporation
Lufthansa’s worldwide comprehensive services are at the disposal of international patients, the injured and people with health impairments. These services are targeted for the special dietary and medical needs of passengers and simplify the travel process in a worldwide network of over 200 destinations in more than 80 countries, linking Frankfurt with major cities around the world. Discounted Return to Your Home Country

Lufthansa offers discounted rates for the home transport of sick and injured passengers thanks to the “Medical & Emergency Repatriation Agreement”.

Optimal Patient-Centred Care on Board
Lufthansa medical services include bookable additional services to assist travellers who require sitting, lying or intensive care. After all, every passenger should feel comfortable and well looked after on board a Lufthansa flight. For passengers who can only be transported lying down due to a medical condition, Lufthansa offers stretchers for convenient transportation. Please note that use of a stretcher requires an accompanying person on board.

The patient transport compartment (PTC) is a unique ICU on intercontinental flights from or to Frankfurt. The PTC is a closed space which – with its high-quality features – resembles a hospital intensive care unit. It allows a time savings of up to 50% compared to non-stop ambulance jets on scheduled flights. An accompanying doctor and a specially trained Lufthansa escort as well as the relevant medications are included in the cost.

Lufthansa also facilitates travel for medically impaired persons with, for example, wheelchair service, additional oxygen supply, special meals with regard to health and nutritional demands and seminars on fear of flying. The “Doctors on Board” programme also supports the emergency medical care on many flights. Lufthansa continuously works on expanding the range and expertise of its medical services in order to provide patients with the best possible care on board – now and in the future.



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