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Woman to Woman



Did you know that 90% of plastic surgery patients are women but only 8% of plastic surgeons are female? Studies have shown that female doctors, on average, spend more time talking with their patients than male counterparts. As a result, female plastic surgeons are more likely to take the time to extensively discuss your different treatment options and listen to your thoughts. For many female patients, having a female plastic surgeon allows them to talk freely about their issues without fear or embarrassment.

Confidence is beauty. Women with more confidence are just more beautiful.

Women tend to naturally feel more comfortable talking about their body to other women.

 As a woman and board certified plastic surgeon, I want to bring an intimate understanding to the realm of aesthetic facial and breast surgery. I'm  keenly attuned to the emotional issues that accompany a change in appearance, and my treatment style is all encompassing.I want to empower you to look and feel your very best.

The decision on whether you should choose a woman plastic surgeon is of course personal. We strive to provide exceptional patient care regardless of our patient’s gender.In order to empower patients with the knowledge needed to make an educated decision about their plastic surgery procedure, i use the advanced imaging system, VECTRA 3D.

Yours sincerly
Prof. Charlotte Holm Mühlbauer MD, PHD